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Submitted on
May 6, 2012


Stolen from :iconpixelatedmew:

1. when drawing, what program(s) do you use? why?
I use SAI because it is better than GIMP, i might use GIMP again though one day ^-^

2. brush size, what kind (watercolor, pen, ect), and canvas size?
I use usually Brush Size 5-10, and i always use the pen brush, canvas size is always 4000X3000

3. when you do start sketching, and after doing the circles and lines ect, what do you start with first? (ex. hair, head, eyes)
I don't do that i just go for it and draw all of the details and stuff then go over it again on SAI (example: it's Gogatsu >3<)

4. are your sketches detailed and nice-looking, or are they rushed and sloppy so you can begin inking already?
Urm a bit sketchy, i rub out things alot in my sketches and i usually make mistakes that i fix when i edit it |D

5. what do you enjoy doing the most? sketching, lineart, coloring, shading, or backgrounds? (or other?)
I have to say Sketching and then coloring ^-^

6. do you use keyboard shortcuts, or use any other handy things programs have to make drawing easier? share some?
Ctrl Z 8I

7. how often do you look up references and tutorials?
Rarely, only if i'm going to try and do a background i haven't done before or if i want to maybe try out a new style ^-^

8. go to your gallery and pick out the one you're mostly proud of. how long did that take?
It's a tie between this one and this one

9. find an older picture from, say, about a year ago, that at the time you were really proud of. are you still? have you considered redrawing it?
This one, i don't like it anymore though, i can't even draw a Piplup that great anymore 8I Been drawing too many Pikachu's and Eevee's |D

10. whats one thing you wish you could draw, but you just never can get it to turn out the way you planned?
Hands and Feet (on both humans and animals) 8I

11. when you suddenly get a picture idea, but you aren't able to draw that for a while, do you write the idea down somewhere?
No... i should really 8C

12. do you save photos and artwork by others that you really like?
Sometimes yes i do ^-^

13. do you plan on taking art more seriously when you get older? (college, ect.) or do you just do it for fun and will probably stop later down the road?
I'm planning to become an Illustrator or a Graphic Designer, both involve Art so yes i am and hopefully to a proffesional level one day ^-^

And now that's that done 8I
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