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May 3, 2012


By the way the girl in my year has been found, thought i would let you all know ^-^


Urg, my parents are treating me like crap! They are always ignoring me and blaming everything on me!! God when i had a go at my Mum cause she kept ignoring me (she called for me and i called back down "yes!?" like 5 times and i get no bloody reply!!! >8I) and then my Mum started throwing it all bag in my face saying the exact same thing as i did! My Dad keeps threatening to kick me out of the house when i'm 16 too if i "continue to be rude to my parents" which i'm not doing at all!! I just get so wound when they ignore me all the time and say that i talk to them like shit when Lewis actually does!! D| I am looking forward to leaving home, i can't bloody wait so then i can do what i want when i bloody well want to!! >8I

I have nothing good to say so urg.... D|

God Becca had an arguement with Beth, Rhiannon and Jade at lunch today D| I weren't there though luckily for me =v=" But apparently they were all trying to push Becca into a puddle and Jade apparently kicked her 8I And then because Beth slags Rhiannon off every morning she starts being two-faced and sticking up for Rhiannon when she was calling Becca names, Rhiannon was apparently "joking" but i highly doubt it though >8I And then it continued after school when Beth had a go at Becca and went off with Jade, i had to go with Beth as i was walking home with her 8I Then Becca came with me too and then Beth decides to turn around and find Rhiannon and i had to go as well so did Becca (well she didn't but she wanted to talk to her) then Rhiannon, Bronwyn and Kim appear out of nowhere and so then Becca tried talking to Rhiannon and Rhiannon chose to ignore her >8I I then find out that Becca told Millie about what had happened, which wasn't a good idea as Millie went up to Rhiannon and then had a right go at her for upsetting Becca and her freinds joined in too 8I So then Rhiannon was upset D| I guess it serves Rhiannon right for "joking around" with Becca. Becca didn't find it funny so it obviously wasn't a joke 8I

Anyways Millie texted me earlier (i have her mobile number now as Becca borrowed my phone to call her and Millie is alright with me keeping her number ^-^) saying that Becca and Beth are freinds now :dummy:

Anyways i've also been put in a extra Maths group with 3 other girls in my year that i hate unfourtanetly ;-; (one of them is called Tianna, can't remember the other 2 though, Tianna bullied :iconbloodontheveil: before 8I) and it is because "i am not acheiving my target grade in Maths" or in other words i'm doing shit in it >8I

Anyways i have nothing else to say apart from that MIttens is exlporing my bedroom like his never been in there before and is currently trying to destroy a Maths revision guide C8 GO FOR MITTENS!!! =v=" We were having lots of cuddles too <3 Mittens made me feel happier =v=

Still have requests to do, they will be done slowly though as i have my final exams in like 3 weeks time :fear:
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Being treated like crap D|by TrioBadge

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BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Student General Artist
You should ask your parents this:
"Why is everything apparently my fault?"
I don't think they'll kick you out but its still not nice to threaten :\

Oh god, Tianna :disbelief: Evil bitch.
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