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April 15, 2012


Anyways yesterday i went to Brighton yesterday for Ruby's 17th birthday with :iconbloodontheveil:, :icondansweetman: and Kim! I had loads of fun and would love to go to Brighton again :la: Just going to list the best parts of the day, too lazy to go through details :sleep:
1) :iconbloodontheveil: showed me and Kim this awesome shop and the best part was that it had japanese imported Pokémon, Hello Kitty and My Neighbour Totoro stuff!! :la: I brought a Pikachu hat for £14 and i freakin' love it!! >w< (i want to live in that shop |D -shot-)
2) Went to Cybercandy, it was really awesome and amazing but i didn't buy anything which was a good thing as i would have had no money for dinner 8C
3) Had japanese-style Bacon Noodles for dinner, i loved it but i found it was too filling though so i couldn't eat it all |U
4) (i swear most of the best parts of the day are food related 8I) Had a Haribo Push-Up Ice Cream whilst we were all on the beach, it had gummy bears in it and for some strange reason there was a random lion on the packaging 8I

Of course everything else about the day was awesome, just too lazy to list everything else D| Well we also annoyed Kim (or Pedo Puff PFFT) on the beach which was hilarious! XD


Anyways my parents decided to look through all of my English stuff yesterday whilst i was in Brighton and read my CA draft and now they know about all of the bullying i had to put up with throughout school 8C They also know that i have got a deviantArt account now but when they were talking to me about my CA draft last night they were more focused on the bullying so i think they are ok with me having a deviantArt account 8I I'm not 100% sure but if they do ask me to deactivate my account then i'll probably will make another account (although i would have lost my points though ;-;) so yeah if you find my account deactivated then i probably have made a new account (would have to get :iconbloodontheveil: to let you know in a journal entry if i do move accounts) 8I


So Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are coming out in Japan in June on the DS and i watched some of the trailers and clips from Pokémon Smash today on YouTube, to be honest i don't like the new games so far 8I First of all why the hell do all of the original towns, cities etc. (by the looks of it only Castelia, Nimbasa and a few others have survived 8I) have to be "frozen in ice"!? For me this ruins the region as a whole 8I Also why are there going to be more Pokémon from other gens than what there are Gen 5 Pokémon in the game? This just makes the game appear to be in a new region personally 8I Also why completley remove all of the original characters and change them for crappier ones??? I don't get it personally 8I The one thing that i do like so far is the new animations for the Pokémon and that's it 8I Everything has basically changed, if you asked me i think that who evers directing the making of these games have seriously gone overboard with these new games 8I Unova just doesn't look like Unova anymore 8C

Anyways nothing else much to say so urm bye bye :wave:
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BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Brighton was so fun :D I loved it :)

Sorry for replying to your text late, I was asleep ^^; But anyway, I know the truth hurts but at least they understand what you've been through. I doubt your account will be deactivated though.
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