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February 22, 2012


God i am busy this month well i'll just do a list to save myself from explaining things |D -shot-
First of all i think i have to go to school every Saturday for English so less time to spend to pics for dA on the weekend 8I
Secondly it's Lewis's birthday this month (March 16th) and so i have to be around on his birthday if you know what i mean 8I
I have a English CA but dunno if i'm doing it though as it is the EXACT SAME CA that i already did with Miss Gulvin (i still remember =_=") so i dunno |D
I have an English Mock next Thursday but can't really revise for that BUT if my parents find out the English revision guide will be come out of nowhere for me to read (in which the revision guide has nothing about the mock i'm doing anyways, it's all just writing about whatever the examiner gives you ¬v¬") 8I
I have a Maths Mock next Friday and the Monday after (bloody maths >8U) so more crappy Maths revision for me =_="
I have been staying behind after school alot for Graphics recently, actually i went yesterday XP, u have to go Thursday as i need to make my Final Piece, if you want to see i'll upload a pic of it if i can IN THE SUMMER as i don't want to get caught up in shit for copying someone elses work =_="
<insert random coughing fit that i literally had here =_=">
I need to go and buy a Graphics revision book for my exam in the Summer as i have to revise EVERYTHING in the booklet and MESMERIZE it all =o=" although the examiniers are only picking ONE thing out of the entire bloody book ¬v¬" So i have to mesmerize everything to do with printing, graphic designs (road signs, maps etc.) and other stuff too 8I THIS is going to be one LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNG Summer 8I
I have to make a picture urgently for Becca's 16th b-day which is THIS Friday so any commissions have to wait unfourtanetly (i have sketched out :iconcharlot-sweetie:'s commish so half done it at the moment and any others who want to commish me will also have to wait sorry guys ;-;)

For now i am in a huge pile of work for school this month so might not have time for dA soooo not sure about April though 8I
I know May is the month i leave school for good and stuff plus my final GCSE exams so no dA then either so for now i MIGHT STOP DOING COMMISSIONS UNTIL ABOUT JULY/AUGUST BECAUSE OF SCHOOL!! 8'I
That doesn't apply to those who have already asked (or i offered 8P) to do commissions for as i will try and squeeze in a time to finish them hopefully 8I


On Friday i have a Focus Day and guess what!? I'M DOING GREEN ROOM STUDY PERIOD ALL DAY!! A.K.A. DOSS LESSON!! :la: I'm going to have nothing to do on Friday apart from Graphics which i need to be in my Graphics room to do the work or English unless Mrs. Aldous gives me Maths work to do... :fear: IMMA NO DOING MATHS!!!!!!!! >|(

Still haven't done anything for Becca's b-day yet so just going to quickly sketch something up hehehe... >.>"

I have nothing else to say now apart from that i have some photography to upload and a couple of other pics apart from :iconcharlot-sweetie:'s commish too soooo bye for now :wave:


:EDIT2: Like mah new Facebook status???

"Urg why do 3 year olds have to be such idiots!? They need to crawl out of their cot and get a punch in the face by the real world! >8I
(this is aimed at idiots in our year partily (not everybody so don't SPAM this status, that's mah job biatches! >8I) and anybody else who finds it hilarious to try and get attention out of people)

Don't forget SPAMMING Facebook is mah job!! >8I"

It is sooooo full of the truth 8'D and wisdom of course... 8'D i am so knowledgable (jokes i'm not that smart -shot-) XD
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