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February 26, 2012


I went out this afternoon with Bronwyn and Boyfreind James (they are adorable together plus i think they suit each other >w<), we went up to the park by Bronwyn's house.
At first Bronwyn and James met up with me at my house then we walked through town, went to Kim's flats to see if she is going to come out with us, inwhich she was still in bed -.- So us three went back to Bronwyn's house to wait for her, we waited an hour then we decided to go straight to the park and wait for her there instead (we went to the shop on the way there and got chocolate biscuits and M&Ms (crisp ones)), then 2 hours later Kim decided to turn up to the park 8I
We were like "You know you could've been here three hours ago!" XD
I also found out that Kim was meant to have come to the revision class yesterday too but she thought the revision started at 9 but it started at 12 lolz XD

Sometimes i wonder about Kim... XD

But anyways i'm going to hopefully finish off :iconcharlot-sweetie:'s commish tonight and also if you haven't gotten a reply to any of my messages i haven't been checking my inbox for days -shot- =w="

I keep putting this Kylie Minogue body lotion on my hands, my hands feel sexy ¬v¬ <insert perv face here> (by the way my hands are soooo frikkin' smooth 8'D)

Urg my mum has been in a shitty mood all day today and she lost her Now 80 CD and she keeps blaming me for it and now i'm losing 3 weeks pocket money because she lost a frikkin' CD (£15 pocket money gone now =n=), i think it's pathetic though plus i think she might find that it was actually Lewis's i believe and he has bloody CD's in a pile on his bedroom floor so i bet he has it =n="

My progress report starts tommorow =3="
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  • Playing: Pokemon Global Link=P
  • Eating: NOOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!! &gt;8U
  • Drinking: NOOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!! &gt;8U

Had a fun day out today >w<by TrioBadge

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