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May 19, 2012


×… ~ Read about my last day of school ;)


Urg, i think i have hayfever... =n="
All of my nose and under my eyes are red, my throat hurts, i have a runny nose and i keep coughing 8C
I had some paracetamol this morning but still not feeling any better :shrug:

Anyways i'm meant to be revising but my runny nose is so distractive D| I can't concentrate, so i decided to take a break and do a journal entry :shrug:
I'm also going round Ashleigh's for the night next weekend as her Dad is having a party for his 65th birthday and cause i'm freinds with her family (yeah i get along with her family members very well) i got invitied C8 So i'm gunna be partying next Saturday |D

Also i won't be uploading anything until after my exams have finished 8C Well i did say in my last journal entry i would but revision is more important right now D| Maybe on Wednesday after my exam is finished ^-^

So i'm going to be pretty much offline on deviantArt until my last exam in June :shrug: I'll be sure to update on my birthday too (it's on the 31st of May and i'll be 16! :la:) ^-^

So yeah nothing else to say now apart from that i feel cruddy, tired and have to force myself to concentrate on my revision (doesn't help with a Budgie being noisy in my room either :shrug:) 8I

So yeah bye for now guys :wave:


Stolen from :iconbloodontheveil:

A= Available: Yes
B= Birthday: May 31st
C= Crushing On: Cilan =v= (in real life nobody)
D= Drink You Had: Water
E= Easiest Pony To Talk To: The ones that are real and aren't fake and cruddy 8I
F= Favorite Song: Urm... Ayumi Hamasaki - Beautiful Day
G= Grade You Hated The Most: In the UK it's year so it's probably any of my Junior school years 8I
H= Home-town: Maidstone
I= I'm In Love With: Nobody really :shrug:
J= Jealous Of: Anybody who has been to an official Pokémon Center Store D|
K= Killed Some pony: Any day =v="\
L= Longest Relationship: The only one i've been in :shrug:
M= Milkshake Flavour: Chocolate
N= Number Of Siblings: One
O= One Wish: Urm... to have atleast one Pokémon Center store in every major city and town in the UK ^-^
P= Pony Who Called You Last: The one that i killed in my mind :evillaugh:
Q= Question You're Always Asked: "Why?"
R= Reason To Smile: My awesome freindsies =v=
S= Song You Last Sang: I dunno :shrug:
T= Time You Woke Up: 9:30 AM
U= Unwanted by: I dunno who... i guess by some people :shrug:
V= Very Best Friends: :iconbloodontheveil: Kim Becca Bronwyn Beth Ashleigh and anybody in my list in my deviantID >v<
W= Worst Habit: Probably biting my nails D|
X= Xrays: Twice on my right foot :shrug:
Y= Your Last Time You Cried: Yesterday C'8
Z= Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: NOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!&gt;8U
  • Reading: Random words on laptop screen...
  • Watching: NOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!&gt;8U
  • Playing: PMD: Blue Rescue Tem
  • Eating: NOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!&gt;8U
  • Drinking: NOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!&gt;8U

Hayfever 8Cby TrioBadge

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