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March 16, 2012


Yeah i made a Niji icon of that running icon that's been floating around on dA and i decided to make it a 'mood icon' so when i'm feeling sad, angry, ill etc. i can change it (yes i made like 10 or something of this one icon |D) by the way just so people know the original base doesn't belong to me 8I

I'm thinking about maybe re-designing some of my characters but dunno how to though (i do know how to re-design them but don't know what to do though to re-design them 8I) as well i have no ideas |D I might come up with ideas over the next weeks maybe 8I
I just feel that some of my char.s are just too simple and basic to be honest such as December i just basically stuck a scarf on him and that's it 8I Yeah i'm being truthly honest on how i feel about my OC's soooo yeah i just want to re-design some char.s December definetley needs a re-design but i love him as he is though D| I guess i could add markings like i did for Niji here and there (actually Niji seems a bit basic really too D'X but i don't think i will change her though 8I) Just tell me what you think about me changing December's design, i'm not too fond of the idea but i also feel that it needs to be done though 8I

Also does anybody know what this song is called in the vid???… i really love it and want to know the name of the song X3

Anyways i have finally completed my final pieces for Graphics it may not be brilliant but it is something at the least \OuO/ I'm soooo frikkin' thrilled about it!! >w<
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