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February 25, 2012


Stolen from :iconbloodontheveil: who was tagged by :iconforeverspaced: 8P

01. Real Name:

02. Nickname(s):
Em, Emmie, Emz, Horton, Piplup, Phanpy... yeah if i missed any then they are listed in my deviant ID |D

03. Eye color:

04. Male or female:

05. Infants School:
I remember being taught how to draw a cat |D I'll show you guys how i was taught to draw a cat at somepoint XD
Year One:
The rebel years begin >8D

Year Two:
The rebel years continue |D

06. Primary School:
Year Three:
Shit... got physically bullied just because i liked Pokémon, god it was like it was illegal to like Pokémon in my Primary School >|(

Year Four:
Alright i guess, used to get told how i was the best in the class when it came to drawing and i was treated like the god of drawing in Art lessons |D -brick'd- I was crap at drawing then XD
I also remember that lesson when i had a supply teacher and this foreign girl called Mariam stole my pen (it costed me 20p, yeah i know it was only 20p but it was still MY PROPERTY and she shouldn't have took it anyways plus 20p seemed like alot of money to me then as i never got an allowance until about year 7 or year 8 >8I), so i told the supply and Mariam was saying that it was hers then i got into shit for trying to get my pen back... BUT i did get my revenge though because during break i went in my classroom and stole it back again then after break she was wondering where "her" pen went (she sat next to me and FUCK SHE STUNK LIKE SHIT!!) and she even asked me XD i was so serious about it she believed me lolz |D


Year Five:
It was alright but wasn't great, this was the year i met Ashleigh in 8') happy memories |3
Oh and i remember going through a teachers desk because she conviscated someones Pokémon TCG cards but they weren't there though 8(

Year Six:
I remember nothing apart from "world war 3", the Doctor Who play (i didn't get a part >8I I was told to stand next to the audience, sing a High School Musical Song and dance around next to the audience whenever a song came up >8I i didn't participate after i found out my "part" in the play so the jokes on the teachers >|D), having to perform in an assembly when i didn't know what the hell i was even doing and i fell over into the curtains which was embarrasing i heard people laughing so i decided to just go along with it 8I i was really annoyed and upset though about it and i remember the leaving assembly, it was sad to leave primary school mainly because i wasn't going to be seeing Ashleigh as much as i did then and because some of the teachers were really nice to me 8(

About world war 3 now then |D... well... what happened was that everybody decided in my class decided to go to our classroom early well apart from a few of us including me but we all went in anyways as we thought it was the end of lunch then everybody was throwing colored pencils around the classroom and i threw a few too as some were thrown at me, me and Ashleigh then decided to stay under the desk and then at the end of lunch our teacher came in and people were still throwing pencils around |D FFFFFFFF

Secondary School:
Year Seven:
Can't really remember much about year 7 |D

Year Eight:
It was ok i guess 8I

Year Nine:
Boring... 8I

Year Ten:
One of my worst school years ever!! >8I
My Drama teacher decided to change the Drama course half way through the course which peed me off >8I
Main reason is that i got sexually harassed by a chav who hadn't even been in the school for a week, he kept touching my arms, legs, bum and my back, the school was only going to exclude him for like a week then my parents took me to see the police about it, we didn't report it but the receptionist told us that if it was unwanted (in which it was, i didn't want him touching me up 8I) then it was sexual harassment, my parents used it against the school then the head decided that he was expelled only because my parents threatened to get the police involved >8'(

Year Eleven:
It has been a pretty good and humorous year so far, has to be my best year at school yet <3

08. Hair color:
Brown but i will be getting green or purple hair >8U

09. Long or short:
Long (but shoulder length though 8P)

10. Loud or Quiet:
50/50 really 8I

11. Sweats or Jeans:
Jeans FTW

13. Health freak:
Nope not really 8I

14. Drink or Smoke?:
NEVER EVER GOING TO SMOKE and i drink like a tince bit every month or two so i barely drink |D

15. Do you have a crush on someone?:

16. Eat or Drink:
Eat, i love bacon and pie and broccoli and chocolate and candy <3

17. Piercings:

18. Tattoos:
Not old enough for a tattoo, have to be 18 for one but i don't think i want one though 8I


19. Been in an airplane:
Been in an airplane on a display in a boring airplane mueseum i was forced to go to if that counts |D -brick'd-

20. Been in a golf cart:

21. Been in a car accident:
Nope but have had many close calls though |D (dunno if that is the right type face thing for that answer lolz XD)

22. Been in a fist fight:
Well me and Becca have play fights at school lolz they are more likely slappy fights at times lolz |D


23.  First piercing: None yet

24. First best friend in whole life: Have loads of awesome freinds and yep here they are (not in order) <3
:iconbloodontheveil:, Kimmybums (Kim lolz, i gave her a new nickname |D), Becca, Bronwyn, Ashleigh 83

26. First crush:
Jordan but i'm starting to think he was going out with me just for popularity as i remember him being more popular when we were going out so i'm going to say none though 8I

28. First big vacation:
Devon when i was like 1 or 2 but had to go home early as i decided to basically eat the beach and drink the sea water so i gave myself a sickness bug plus i couldn't stop throwing up (that wasn't the time i had to go to hospital though, that was a few years later when i was about 5 or 6 8I)

29. Last person you talked to:
My Dad

30. Last person you texted:
:iconbloodontheveil: it wasn't anything interesting though only texted "Yay! \OuO/"

31. Last person you watched a movie with:
With my plushies <3

32. Last food you ate:
Ice-Lolly <3

33. Last movie you watched:
Pokémon the Movie White: Victini and Zekrom (can't wait for the double DVD set comes out in April <3)

34. Last song you listened to:
(As of when i answered this question) Avril Lavinge - I'm With You

35. Last thing you bought:
My tablet and Pikachu plushie i believe >w<

36. Last person you hugged:
Becca, she pretended to kiss me after then this random RnB song came on (we were standing in front of a Pub lolz XD) so me and Becca started dancing then Beth slowly walked away XD


37. Food:
Bacon <3

38. Drinks:
Dr  Pepper or any other fizzy drink <3

39. Clothing:
Awesome/Cute T-shirt, hoodie, scarf and jeans <3

40. Books:
I can only read Mangas (not because there isn't much to read in them (sarcasm there lolz)) cause i find "normal" books boring -shot-

41. Music:
Mainly Anime music (Pokémon Music FTW) and Rock <3

42. Flower:
Lillies (my birth flower 83)

43. Colors:
Red, Purple, Green, Blue 83

44. Movies: (not in order) Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Any Pokémon movie (the recent one being my fav as of yet <3), Dodgeball, Daddy Day Care, My Neighbour Totoro, The Cat Returns

46. Subjects/Class: English, Art, Graphics, Personal Finance


67. Eating:
Nothing (i wanna eat bacon ;w;)

68. Drinking:
Nothing might get some squash or a hot chocolate or a milkshake in a bit

69. I'm about to:
Get in mah PJ's and continue my huge picture i'm doing and probably do more of :iconcharlot-sweetie:'s commission 8P

70. Watching or listening:
Watching my laptop screen and listening to music on Windows Media Player (now listening to Avril Lavigne - Girlfreind)

71. Plans for today:
My day is already finished |D

72. Waiting for:
For PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond to come out on the Wii next month in the UK and then the Pokémon 14th Movie's Box Set in April 8P


73. Want kids?:
Not really but if my partner is that despearate then maybe one 8I

74. Want to get married?:
Of course i do <3

75. Careers in mind?:
Illustrator or Photographer


76. Lips or eyes:
Eyes as they are awesome and beautiful 8D

77. Shorter or taller?:
Average height but a bit taller than me though 83

78. Romantic or spontaneous:
Isn't spontaneous when your outgoing??? I have to say both 83

79. Nice stomach or nice arms:
I dunno 8I

80. Sensitive or loud:
Both but mainly sensitive though >w<


83. Lost glasses/contacts:
Lost Sunglasses if that counts 8I

84. Ran away from home:

85. Hold a gun/knife for self defense:

86. Killed somebody:
In my dreams yes in real life yes, i killed a few insects here and there |D

87. Broken someone's heart:
Don't think so 8I

88. Been arrested:

89. Cried when someone died:
Yarsh 8'(


90. Yourself:
Dunno really... i guess at times maybe 8I

91. Miracles:
Kinda 8I

92. Love at first sight:
Nope not really 8I

93. Heaven:
Nope 8I

94. Coincidences:
Yarsh 8U


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now:
I want to see Ashleigh again soon, would like to see :iconbloodontheveil: again at somepoint (haven't seen properly for like two months now D8), Megnut (haven't seen her for four months D8)

98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life:
50/50, just not happy with the fact that chavs (or idiots) in my year can't accept me for who i am and cause i'm crap at Maths which some of it is pretty much common sense 8I

99. Do you believe in God:
No i don't 8I

100. Title as 100 truths and tag 25 people to do this.

I tag myself lolz no i'm joking i'm not doing this a second time |D -brick'd-


A little To-Do list here now:
1. Finish :iconcharlot-sweetie:'s commission (don't worry, haven't forgotten yet 8U
2. Do Niji on a trampoline request for Kimmybums cause she frikkin' adores Niji >w<
3. Edit Niji doodle i did in 3rd and 4th period today (had to do two hours of Maths D8) cause i was finding Probability too hard and Kimmybums was basically being my teacher lolz XD Mrs. Gouldsworthy saw me doodling the Niji doodle and she asked me if i was doing work, i told her i was then she carried on helping somebody else lolz she is so gullible XD
4. Upload Gothita pic i did a few nights ago >w<
5. Edit Elgyem sketch
6. Upload Pikachu's Discoveries 2012 pictures from Valentine's day XD -shot-
7. Finish random "Green Evidence Man" pic for my ICT e-portfolio XD

Going to try and complete most of the list this weekend hopefully |D

My Progress Report starts on Monday 8I
  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: Budgie squaking like there is no tommorow
  • Reading: Random words on laptop screen...
  • Watching: Laptop screen...^^;
  • Playing: Pokemon Global Link=P
  • Eating: Roast Dinner PX
  • Drinking: NOOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!! &gt;8U

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BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Mariam was such a goon :laughing:

Hahaha we had something like that in Year Six when we had a supply so instead of working, we started messing around so people were throwing pencils at each other and Me, Megan and Maria hid under the table :XD: Also, someone lifted the table up with his head as well :lmao:
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