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April 12, 2012


Hey guys woke up about 30 mins ago when i was meant to get up at 6AM 8I I have to go to school for English from 9AM-12PM (oh god 3 hours DB) but i like English though C8 Anyways i had to write a draft for my CA which needs to be handed in today, we had to do a biography about ourselves so i chose to do about my school years and how that i was bullied in almost every single frikkin' year 8I (not including Nursery, 8 (actually 9) out of my 11 schools i have had to put up with bullying (never got bullied in infant school... wait i got stabbed by a pencil like every 5 mins in year 2 so yeah i forgot to include that D| -brick'd-) I also added about how drawing made me feel alot happier during those hard times too ^-^ I would post it if anybody wanted to read it but i can't sorry 8C This is a draft for my last CA and obviously needs to be obvious that it is all in my own words 8I

Anyways after English i'm going to town to meet Ashleigh and her Mum at McDonalds C8 We are going to hunt down a prom dress for Ashleigh to wear for her prom (yeah we're going to hunt it down with a gun and everything :iconawesomefaceplz: *obvious sarcasm*) so thinking about how shops keep on closing down in Maidstone i doubt we'll find one but if we do find one i'm going to be like "ATAURNAKLYREVAINYEREYRUIBVU!" XD Well Game is closing down in Maidstone so no more TCG cards for little me unless i go to Dover which is like an hour away (or two hours if my Dad decides to go the flippin' long way round, go through Canterbury, Folkestone and then into Dover 8I) which is really too much hassle for a pack of cards really 8I So i'm stealing the cat money to buy Pokémon TCG cards whilst i'm on my way to meet with Ashleigh and her mum (if Game still has any and hasn't gone yet 8I)! :dummy:

Well i should start getting dressed now really so i can get to school on time 8I So that obviously means i haz to go so urm buh-bye :wave:

P.S. (this enter button on my downstairs computer is fucked up 8I) Oh yeah i had to do an exam paper for today as well but i wasn't given the sources i need to read to do any of the questions so hehehe looks like i might be in trouble BUT it wasn't my fault i wasn't given the sources to do the questions in the first place! 8I

EEEEEP!! MY MUM IS GETTING UP!! BETTER GO NOW OR SHE'LL GO MENTAL IF SHE SEE'S ME ON DEVIANTART!! :fear: (heehee my parents dunno about me having deviantArt still :evillaugh:)

Now to go and eat half a easter for breakfast whilst i get ready to leave :la:
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  • Eating: Half a Easter Egg (for breakfast ¬v¬)

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BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Shame you can't upload your biography here. I'd love to read it. Maybe you can ask the teacher for a copy? :shrug:
TrioBadge Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student General Artist
I never gave it in to my teacher in the end 8I
Maybe i can post it when i leave school so that way the teacher will know that i haven't copied anybody (plus there would basically be no prove of me owning this deviantArt account as the school wouldn't know 8I)
BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, good idea =p
TrioBadge Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student General Artist
(5 weeks till i leave school :la:)
Yeah it is annoying that i can't upload any of my English stuff on here as it is like B grade stuff but i would rather leave school with a qualification in English rather than being accused of copying somebody elses work (although it is mine anyways 8I)

Oh yeah that exam paper i had to do i definetley didn't have the sources i needed to read so Mrs. Watts gave me the sources from somebody elses work and told me that i have to give it in on Monday 8I
BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student General Artist
lol, good feeling isn't it? :XD: but you do eventually start to miss School a bit (the good times that is)

Fair enough. Its best to wait until you leave to stay on the safe side. We didn't do a biography cz I would of written the times when I got bullied but it would of been awkward for the teacher to see cz I prefer to tell my story either online or with people I trust tbh :\
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