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April 18, 2012


(note that i started the journal entry on Monday but i haven\'t been able to get onto deviantArt so this is just updated whenever really 8I)


God i am too *yawnes* (oh god i actually did yawn at the same time as i wrote \"*yawnes*\" and again just a second ago -shot- |D)

Anyways i had to do my English CA today, urg it was frustrating and upsetting (cause i was writing about the shit times at school 8I) but i got through it in the end C8 Now i have one more Speaking and Listening (i thought i had no more to do ;-;) which is about performing (i think) some kind of bullying scene 8I (:shrugs:) Beth and Marie started saying that it was a murder scene in school so i was kinda like \"... eh???\" :shrug: I woke up earlier for school but then started having pains in my stomach whilst i was getting ready and during form time 8I So i would\'ve been late if i didn\'t get out of the house when my Mum came back home after taking Lewis to school |3 -shot-

I\'m still on my report and i\'m on it until the week before the last week of school 8I I almost forgot that i was on it today XD I don\'t really see the point of being on it as all my Maths teacher writes is \"fine\" and that\'s it :shrugs: What is the point??? Atleast Miss. Booth write a hell aload more, she once filled in the whole of the block that my Maths teacher had to write in as well which was funny XD My Maths teacher was like \"Who wrote on the whole of Thursday!? 8I\" and i said \"Miss. Booth did... :nod: (<- the evil nod of evil DB<)\" so my Maths teacher had to write on Friday instead |D

Yeah i\'m getting my fail mark for Maths on Thursday, i know i haven\'t got a C, i\'m not saying that i haven\'t because i like to complain how shit i am at maths it\'s because i wouldn\'t be doing the like 5th (yeah i actually did count -shot- 8I) re-sit in June! I probably got at the most an E grade the least a G grade 8I///

Oh yeah i got banned on Pokéfarm |D -shot- I find it pretty funny actually, all that i did was put a thread up asking for the person who found my Shiny Eevee Snowy (;-; mah poor baby girl... =3=\") to let me know so they can trade her back to me and i got banned for it 8I I only got banned for about a few hours or something, the point of it??? 8I So i\'m not banned now, i was though |3 -brick\'d- I should start a count for how many times i have banned temporarily from a website for doing next to nothing wrong XD Pokéfarm for asking somebody to give me my Shiny Eevee back (yes i did put it in a  custom description that i want it back if she ran away) and on Click Critters asking how to post an image in a comment to take part in this contest! 8I :shrugs: Oh wellz i never use Click Critters anymore for starters and i\'m getting bored of Pokéfarm 8I

I\'ve got the song Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO stuck in my head 8I Especially the wiggle wiggle part of the song :facepalm: (has to be the part that i find the most wrong 8I)... (aww crap now i have a vision of Sawk and Throh dancing to Sexy and I Know It whilst using Bulk Up... it is bloody scary considering the fact that i already find the both creepy looking :fear:)


So i got my final results today on my CA\'s from English and also my result for the CA i did about my school life. I got 64/80 marks on the CA\'s overall in which that is a B+... i was ONE MARK off from an A!! ;-; My result for the CA i did about the bullying and stuff i got 9.5/15 which is a C+ (probably got a C+ cause i kept mentioning how crap school is lolz |D -brick\'d-)

I also had the swearing nerd for Maths and Personal Finance today 8I The swearing nerd wrote something crap for Maths, because i was doing work that i never got taught at all (i\'m being serious 8I) i didn\'t know how to work it out, nor did Kim but everybody else seemed to know how to do it though 8I I had to do 4 excersises (each one had 12 questions 8I) i only did half of the first excersise and gave up after that 8I I also have Green Room Study Period tommorow inwhich i have no work to do in the lesson XD I\'m going to get moaned at for like the 6th time now 8I Oh wellz how can you be expected to have loads of work to do when you have 4 weeks and a bit left of school??? 8I


Nothing much to say for today 8I Well i do still feel a bit cruddy from yesterday, i felt worse today but i\'m starting to feel a bit better now ^-^ (you know i have still got that image of the Sawk and Throh thingy in my head from Monday |D... I\'m listening to a song called Elephant cause Horton can! BD) Well i also got two Creme Eggs from Miss. Noble today from Personal Finance!! :la: (to be exact, Kim got like 5 and she gave one to me, one to Becca and kept two for herself and i believe she gave one to Bronwyn too |3 Kimmybums is generous :heart: (you know i call alot of my freinds a random nickname to do with bums 8I bums are nice but Cilan has the best bum -brick\'d- |D I call Beth Bethybums, Kim Kimmybums, Becca Beckybums (she hates being called Becky but she doesn\'t hate Beckybums though :eyes:) , Bronwyn Bronnybus, Amy is Amybums, i think that\'s it really 8I)

Oh yeah Mrs. Palmer wants to talk to me and Becca about ICT today although i think she forgot like seconds after she mentioned that she wanted to talk to us -shot- |D Maybe she\'ll remember during our ICT lesson tommorow maybe and talk to us then 8I I bet it\'s about our storyboards, the ones that she has left laying around everywhere 8I

Unbanned from Pokéfarm now \\OuO/ Don\'t really think it was fair to be banned just for asking around for a missing Pokémon 8I I swear it\'s not mentioned in the rules either 8I

Nothing else to say now well i did go to sleep at like 9:30 last night because i really didn\'t feel well and woke up again at 2:50AM, had to pee, went and got a drink and 2 Capri-Suns (who couldn\'t resist XD), went back to bed, drank my first Capri-Sun, started to drink my second Capri-Sun but fell asleep whilst i was helf way through drinking it and because i rolled over on top of the drink it went everywhere in my bed 8I It went in my hair too |D

By the way this was updated throughout the week so yep C8 (thinks i already mentioned this beforehand 8I) so urm bye bye :la: :wave: *goes to upload a colored pic of Gogatsu la:*

Why are there so many "\'s"??? 8I
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Sooo... tired... zzz... zzzby TrioBadge

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