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May 21, 2012


Cause i dunno what to name this journal |3 -shot-

Well yeah nothing much happened today apart from going food shopping with my Mum and taking a prescription in to the doctors for her too :shrug:

Well just to list what happened |3:

At Tesco~

~ This old couple had an arguement in the middle of the store which was pretty amusing C8 This is how it went roughly:
Old Man: Do you want to get a sponge for tonight for a change?
*i'm hanging around by the bread eavesdropping*
Old Man: Alright! I only asked if you wanted a sponge! >8I
Old Woman: Give us the chicken! *snatches bag of chicken out of Old Man's hand* >8I
Old Man: Alright don't start shouting! >8U
(Me: What the hell, she was shouting like just after you asked her if she wanted a frikkin' sponge!! Old people these days have such short memory ¬_¬")
Old Woman: Well just pick what you want then!
Old Man: =n=" Why can't we just share a sponge!?
Old Woman: Because you have to choose what YOU want!! >8U
(Me: Crap... All he wanted was a sponge cake, not much to ask ;-;)
*old couple wanders off pickering STILL*

I think i came in at the most awkward moment of the arguement |D

~ The staff at the checkouts have to use this new greetings thing with the customers, they have to say hello and call them madam/sir and stuff... god i felt really creeped out when this lady was serving us :fear: But she was being a bit sarcastic as her and my Mum really can't be assed to it but meh :shrug:

At Morrisons~

~ This guy kept staring at me whilst i was hanging around in the exit waiting for like 10 mins for my Mum to go to the loo :shrug: It turns out i was leaning right up against a bin the whole time, one that recycles plastic bags =v=" But he still kept looking at me anyways, and when me and my Mum left he randomly said bye to me 8I

At the Doctors~

~ Nothing happened 8I Just had to list this, that's all :shrug:

So yeah life is boring right now, nothing to do ;-; Well once my exams are finished i am going to do some more digital art :la:


Shona (a girl from school) commented on my wall saying "Do you mind liking all my photos?! -.-", just about to reply  "i do mind C8 xxx" XD

Meme stolen from Jojo cause i can >BU

[ ]You like to read.
[ ]You're into bands like Sisters of mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, and Bitter Grace.
[X]You like to stand out from the crowd.
[ ]You smoke
[X]You choose your own path.
[/]You don't like to live by rules.
[/]You love dark colours
[ ]People around you often tease you or call you.
[X]You have friends similar to you.
[/]You sometimes feel neglected or misunderstood.
[X]You speak your own mind.
[ ]You have at least one piercing.
[/]You often have death on your mind, and often wonder what it would be like if you were dead.
[X]You are talented at at least one thing.
[/]You wear dark-coloured clothing often.
[ ]You like black make-up. (used to =v=")
[ ]You never let other people tell you what to do if you don't want to do it. (well i'm too shy to do something like that =v=")
[ ]You prefer the night rather than the day
[X]You like the darkness. (well i don't hate it :shrug:)
TOTAL: 8.5

[/]You feel you are neglected by friends and family.
[X]You have cut yourself purposely at least once.
[ ]You like stripes and it is always somewhere on your clothing.
[ ]You cry often.
[/]Your hair covers one of your eyes. (partially at times)
[ ]You have black hair.
[ ]You have little to no friends.
[ ]You often feel unloved and hurt everyday
[ ]You wear thick black eyeliner.
[ ]You hate life and can't wait for it to finally end.
[X]You spend hours in your darkened room.
[ ]You like to write depressing poetry about you and your life.
[X]You listen to bands like: My Chemical Romance, Bullet for my Valentine, and Good Charlotte.
[X]People often avoid you.
[ ]You often think life's not living.
[ ]You are often a loner at school.
[/]You are picked on.
[ ]You like to wear tight jeans with a black hoodie, often with your favourite band logo on it.
[X]You have suicidal thoughts. (can't get these horrible gory thoughts out of my head DX)
TOTAL: 6.5

[/]Getting good grades is your world.
[X]You play video games at least 4 hours a day.
[X]You have completed all your favourite games.
[X]You have never had a real girlfriend. (because i'm straight, it counts |D)
[ ]You have never kissed anyone.
[/]You are often the main target for bullies.
[/]You always get good grades.
[ ]You like to study.
[ ]People often ask you to do their homework for them.
[ ]You use internet slang in real life.
[ ]You know how to hack the school's computers.
[X]You don't have many friends.
[ ]All your friends share the same interests that you do.
[ ]You wear thick black glasses.
[ ]You have buck teeth.
[/]You are very intelligent.
[/]You often talk about video games to your friends. (i make the traffic lights game related, i think of the Red man as Chili and the Green man as Cilan |D Cwessy is on holiday in another country and has never returned :shrug: I used to keep saying "Right the sexy green man is showing lets cross!" X'D)
[ ]You wish you had a girlfriend.
[ ]You want to be popular.
TOTAL: 5.5
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BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Old people arguing is pretty amusing :laughing: :XD:
TrioBadge Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student General Artist
ikr? I wonder what it's like working at a care home for old people (obviously i feel sorry for those who have problems etc. who have to go in there) everyday, i would probably die off from laughter when i got home after hearing so many arguements XD

The part that made me laugh most was when the old man said to his wife to stop shouting when she started shouting earlier, talk about late reaction |D
BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student General Artist
That's definitely not where I want to work :XD: And yeah, I feel bad for some of them too....
TrioBadge Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Same here :B

Whiskers has been sick twice today... because he kept eating grass 8I
BloodOnTheVeil Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Eeewwww T_T :puke:
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